Committee Title
ISO/IEC JTC 1 Information technology
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 36 Information technology for learning, education and training
ISO/TC 17/SC 16 Steels for the reinforcement and prestressing of concrete
ISO/TC 17/SC 21 Environment related to climate change in the iron and steel industry
ISO/TC 22/SC 32 Electrical and electronic components and general system aspects
ISO/TC 28 Petroleum and related products, fuels and lubricants from natural or synthetic sources
ISO/TC 34/SC 5 Milk and milk products
ISO/TC 34/SC 7 Spices, culinary herbs and condiments
ISO/TC 34/SC 16 Horizontal methods for molecular biomarker analysis
ISO/TC 34/SC 20 Food loss and waste
ISO/TC 36 Cinematography
ISO/TC 54 Essential oils
ISO/TC 58 Gas cylinders
ISO/TC 58/SC 4 Operational requirements for gas cylinders
ISO/TC 69 Applications of statistical methods
ISO/TC 98 Bases for design of structures
ISO/TC 106/SC 7 Oral care products
ISO/TC 122 Packaging
ISO/TC 142 Cleaning equipment for air and other gases
ISO/TC 165 Timber structures
ISO/TC 202/SC 3 Analytical electron microscopy
ISO/TC 210 Quality management and corresponding general aspects for products with a health purpose including medical devices
ISO/TC 211 Geographic information/Geomatics
ISO/TC 217 Cosmetics
ISO/TC 218 Timber
ISO/TC 272 Forensic sciences
ISO/TC 283 Occupational health and safety management
ISO/TC 310 Child care articles