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Referencia Título Categoría
ISO/TC 35 Paints and varnishes A
ISO/TC 67 Oil and gas industries including lower carbon energy A
ISO/TC 67/SC 2 Pipeline transportation systems A
ISO/TC 67/SC 3 Drilling and completion fluids, well cements and treatment fluids A
ISO/TC 67/SC 4 Drilling, production and injection equipment A
ISO/TC 67/SC 5 Casing, tubing and drill pipe A
ISO/TC 67/SC 6 Process equipment, piping, systems, and related safety A
ISO/TC 67/SC 7 Offshore structures A
ISO/TC 67/SC 8 Arctic operations A
ISO/TC 67/SC 9 Production, transport and storage facilities for cryogenic liquefied gases A
ISO/TC 184/SC 4 Industrial data A
ISO/TC 211 Geographic information/Geomatics A
ISO/TC 241 Road traffic safety management systems A
ISO/TC 265 Carbon dioxide capture, transportation, and geological storage A

Liaisons A: Organizations that make an effective contribution to the work of the technical committee or subcommittee for questions dealt with by this technical committee or subcommittee. 
Liaisons B: Organizations that have indicated a wish to be kept informed of the work of the technical committee or subcommittee. 
Liaisons C: Organizations that make a technical contribution to and participate actively in the work of a working group.