• Secretaría: BSI
    Responsable de comité:
  • Presidente/a (hasta el final 2029):
    Dr Haeseong Lee
  • Responsable de programa técnico de ISO [TPM]:
    Mr Stephen Dutnall
    Responsable editorial de ISO [EM]:
    Ms Claudia Lueje
  • Fecha de creación: 2024


ISO/IEC JTC 3 is being supported administratively by IEC. All information related to ISO/IEC JTC 3 is available on the IEC web site

Standardization in the field of quantum technologies.

The scope includes standardization in the field of quantum technologies, including quantum information technologies (quantum computing and quantum simulation), quantum metrology, quantum sources, quantum detectors, quantum communications, and fundamental quantum technologies. The JTC will coordinate the results of these efforts with relevant committees and subcommittees that have within their scopes the development of specific sector-based applications of quantum technologies.

Excluded: Specific sector-based applications and standardization in the fields of information technology (JTC 1 and its subcommittees), nanotechnology (IEC TC 113 and ISO TC 229), fibre optics (IEC TC 86), cryogenic vessels (ISO TC 220), and semiconductors (IEC TC 47).

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