ISO/IEC WD 17839-1
ISO/IEC WD 17839-1

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ISO/IEC 17839-1:2014 establishes

  • functional architecture of a Biometric System-on-Card
  • definition of type S1 (fully ISO/IEC 7810 compliant) and type S2 implementation of a Biometric System-on-Card
  • sensor types in a Biometric System-on-Card
  • minimum requirements to a Biometric System-on-Card with respect to
    • discriminative power (i.e. biometric accuracy criteria)
    • interfaces
    • power supply options

The following aspects are out of scope of ISO/IEC 17839-1:2014:

  • off-card biometric comparison, storage-on-card
  • work-load sharing implementations
  • detailed specification and configuration of individual components

ISO/IEC 17839-1:2014 provides a functional architectural description of a Biometric System-on-Card and describes how the interfaces are mapped using existing commands and data structures from other International Standards.

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