Draft International Standard
ISO/DIS 13060
An adhesion evaluation method for microcircuits on PCB (Printed Circuit Board) by scratch test
Reference number
ISO/DIS 13060
Версия 1
International Standard
ISO/DIS 13060
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This document describes a method for measuring adhesion strength between microcircuits and substrates by scratching with the wedged-shape diamond stylus. Using the traditional adhesion test, it is difficult to evaluate the adhesion strength of the microcircuits with a narrower scratching stylus. During the test, applying stylus force is constant or progressive and normal to the surface. This yields adhesive and/or cohesive failures of the microcircuit coating-substrate system. This test method is suitable for evaluating copper microcircuits up to a width of tens of micrometres. It might also be ideal for evaluating fine patterns of other widths and materials. This International Standard intends to use in the macro force range (0.1 N to 30 N). Although the proposed procedure may apply to other force ranges, an appropriate calibration is required to quantify the normal forces at which failures occur.

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