ISO/AWI TS 24315-3
ISO/AWI TS 24315-3

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The management of electronic transport regulations (METR) provides trustworthy, authoritative, machine-interpretable, transport-related rules for using the road network. The scope of METR includes both rules that are relatively static (e.g., static speed limits) as well as those that are dynamic (e.g., variable speed limits, lane closures at incident scenes). However, where appropriate, METR is expected to incorporate existing standards (e.g., ISO/TS 19091 for signalized intersections). This document defines the end-to-end requirements for entire METR system of systems (SoS), which is called the METR network. The requirements are provided in a format that is consistent with the guidance provided by ISO 29148 [2] for a system requirements document.

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