ISO/IEC 27036-3
ISO/IEC 27036-3


This part of ISO/IEC 27036 provides product and service acquirers and suppliers of hardware, 
software, and services with guidance on:
a) gaining visibility into and managing the information security risks caused by physically 
dispersed and multi-layered hardware, software, and services supply chains;
b) responding to risks stemming from this physically dispersed and multi-layered hardware, 
software, and services supply chain that can have an information security impact on the 
organizations using these products and services. 
c) integrating information security processes and practices into the system and software life 
cycle processes, described in ISO/IEC 15288 and ISO/IEC 12207, while supporting information security
controls, described in ISO/IEC 27002.
This part of ISO/IEC 27036 does not include business continuity management/resiliency issues 
involved with the hardware, software, and services supply chain. ISO/IEC 27031 addresses 
Information and communication technology readiness for business continuity

Informations générales 

  •  :  Projet
     : 2023-06
  •  : 2
  •  : ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27 Sécurité de l’information, cybersécurité et protection de la vie privée
  •  :
    35.030 Sécurité des technologies de l’information

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