ISO 4273:2024
ISO 4273:2024
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This document provides minimum requirements and test procedures for automated braking at velocities below 2,8 m/s (10 km/h) with the specific aim of avoiding or mitigating collisions with pedestrians, other road users (e.g. vehicles) and stationary objects, including infrastructure elements (e.g. walls, pillars). These collisions mainly occur during reversing manoeuvres, but this document also addresses collisions in other directions during low-speed manoeuvring.

Automated braking during low-speed manoeuvring (ABLS) requires information about the position and motion of the object, the motion of the subject vehicle, and the driver actions. It then determines if the evaluated situation represents a collision risk. If an imminent collision risk exists, ABLS will automatically activate a brake action to avoid or at least mitigate the collision.

The document does not define test objects, but refers to the ISO 19206 series for test objects to be used.

The human driver is assumed to perform or at least supervise all driving manoeuvres because the ABLS application is restricted to support only systems of SAE Level 0 – 2. Evasive steering manoeuvres are not within the scope of this document.

This document applies to light vehicles only. Vehicles equipped with trailers are not within the scope of this document.


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     : 2024-01
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