Comité Título
ISO/TC 5/SC 5 Threaded fittings, solder fittings, welding fittings, pipe threads, thread gauges
ISO/TC 5/SC 11 Metal hoses and expansion joints
ISO/TC 30/SC 5 Velocity and mass methods
ISO/TC 39 Machine tools
ISO/TC 39/SC 10 Safety
ISO/TC 60/SC 1 Nomenclature and wormgearing
ISO/TC 68/SC 8 Reference data for financial services
ISO/TC 72 Textile machinery and accessories
ISO/TC 72/SC 1 Spinning preparatory, spinning, twisting and winding machinery and accessories
ISO/TC 72/SC 10 Common standards
ISO/TC 94/SC 13 Protective clothing
ISO/TC 114 Horology
ISO/TC 114/SC 1 Shock resistant watches
ISO/TC 114/SC 3 Water-resistant watches
ISO/TC 114/SC 6 Precious metal coverings
ISO/TC 114/SC 7 Overall dimensions
ISO/TC 114/SC 13 Watch-glasses
ISO/TC 138/SC 2 Plastics pipes and fittings for water supplies
ISO/TC 172/SC 6 Geodetic and surveying instruments
ISO/TC 226 Materials for the production of primary aluminium