ICS Ámbito
49.020 Aircraft and space vehicles in general
Including aircraft performance, flight dynamics, etc.
Air transport, consulte 03.220.50
49.025 Materials for aerospace construction
49.030 Fasteners for aerospace construction
Fasteners for general use, consulte 21.060
49.035 Components for aerospace construction
Including bearings, rod ends and other mechanical components
Tyres for aircraft, consulte 83.160.20
49.040 Coatings and related processes used in aerospace industry
Coatings for general use, consulte 25.220
49.045 Structure and structure elements
49.050 Aerospace engines and propulsion systems
Including fuel systems
49.060 Aerospace electric equipment and systems
Including Avionics
49.080 Aerospace fluid systems and components
49.090 On-board equipment and instruments
Including navigation instruments and telecommunications equipment
49.095 Passenger and cabin equipment
49.100 Ground service and maintenance equipment
49.120 Cargo equipment
Air mode containers, pallets and nets, consulte 55.180.30
49.140 Space systems and operations
Including space data and information transfer systems, and ground support equipment for launch site operations